WDUV250 Multi Pass digital printer (UV ink)

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  Model WDUV250-12A WDUV250-12A+ WDUV250-16A WDUV250-16A+
Printing configuration Printead Industrial piezo printhead
  Printead qty 12 16
  Resolution ≥300*600dpi
max 260㎡/H
max 170㎡/H
max 130㎡/H
max 300㎡/H
max 200㎡/H
max 150㎡/H
max 520㎡/H
max 350㎡/H
max 260㎡/H
max 600㎡/H
max 400㎡/H
max 300㎡/H
  Printing width 2500mm
  Ink type Special UV ink
  Ink color Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black,White Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black,White Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black Cyan,Magenta,Yellow,Black
  Ink supply Automatic ink supply
  Operation system Professional RIP system,professional printing system,
Win10/11 system with 64 bit operating system or above
Printing material Application All kinds of corrugated cardboard (yellow and white cattle board, honeycomb board,semi-coated board,etc.)
  Max width 2500mm
  Min width 600mm
  Max length 2200mm under auto feeding,no limit under manual feeding(Cardboard stack weight affects autofeed length)
  Min length 350mm
  Thickness 1.5mm-35mm(max can be ordered to 50mm)
  Feeding system Automatic leading edge feeding, suction platform
Working environment Workplace Requirements Install compartment
  Temperature 15℃-32℃
  Humidity 40%-70%
  Power supply AC380±10%,50-60HZ
  Air supply 4kg-8kg
  Power About 18KW
Others Machine size 4850*6100*1751(mm)
  Machine weight 5500KGS
  Optional Variable data,ERP docking port
  Voltage stabilizer The voltage stabilizer needs to be self-configured,request 50KW
Features Scatter King UV vivid printing, more exquisite, suitable for a wide range of materials
Advantage WDUV250 Muti Pass width format high quality digital UV inkjet printing machine, use heavy machine body, inkjet printing,special UV ink, vivid color and waterproof printing effect,CMYK or CMYK+W model is optional, max printing width 2500mm, length no limit, printing speed up to 1pass 600㎡/h, production efficiency around 1~600 PCS/hour, siutable for small and personalized orders which want high resolution and shiny color.
Features of digital printer (common to all printer) Revolutionary in world
Inkjet technology
Print on demand
No limit with quantity
Variable data
ERP docking port
Quick-done ability
Computer color correction
Simple process
Easy operation
Labor saving
No composition change
No machine cleaning
Low-carbon & environment

Features of digital printer (common to all printer)

Variable data

Text variable

Sequence: It can be changed according to user definition, and the set sequence can also be used for variable barcode
Date: Print date data and support custom changes, the set date can also be used for variable barcodes
Text: The text data entered by the user is printed, and the text is generally only used when the mode is text data

Bar code variable

The current mainstream barcode types can be applied

QR code variable

Among the dozens of 2D barcodes at present, the commonly used code systems are: PDF417 2D barcode, Datamatrix 2D barcode, Maxcode 2D barcode. QR Code. Code 49, Code 16K, Code one., etc. In addition to these common two In addition to dimensional barcodes, there are also Vericode barcodes, CP barcodes, CodablockF barcodes, Tianzi barcodes, UItracode barcodes, and Aztec barcodes.

Code package variable

Including: text, barcode, QR code can realize multiple variables on one carton

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ca (2)
ca (3)
ca (4)

ERP docking port

Help carton factory intelligent production management

ca (5)

Queue printing

One-click upload of multi-task orders, easy to achieve continuous printing without downtime

ca (6)

Ink Cost Statistics

Real-time display of computer software, easy calculation of order cost

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