About Us

About Us

Shenzhen Wonder Printing System Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of corrugated digital printing machine. Wonder digital printers can be divided into: Muti Pass scanning digital printing machine series for small batch printing, and Single Pass high-speed digital printing machine series for large order, as different inkjet printing ways. Also can be divided into: Water-based ink digital printers, and UV ink colorful digital printers, as different ink types according to different printing effect needs of customers.

To further resolve customer’s demand, improve our services and programs, Shenzhen Wonder always keep developing various facilities, including Automatic Vanish Printing System WDGY250 etc; Automatic Trimming & Slotting & Slitter Scorer system WDKC310; special water-based dye ink, UV cable ink, glass coating vanish and so on.

All printers already pass European CE certification, exported to countries in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and others! Wonder will take resolving customer environmental problems and production efficiency problems for our direction, constantly provide customers with more environmentally energy, more stable, more efficient packaging printing system.

There are more than 20 after-sales teams in Wonder headquarters, and there are corresponding after-sales service personnel in offices in different regions and countries. 24-hour online service, customers can arrive within 48 hours according to distance when needed. In addition, there is a special equipment installation training service, which can be located at the location of the equipment or at the Wonder factory.
Since it’s established, Over 1000 units machines have been sold to different countries. Many of these sales are repurchased and re-introduced by old customers. Many companies have 3 to 6 Wonder equipment, some as many as a dozen, and continue to repurchase. Well-known carton companies at home and abroad such as: OJI Prince Group, SCG Group, YongfengYu, Shanying , Wangying Packaging, Hexing Packaging, Zhenglong Packaging, Lijia Packaging, Heshan Lilian, Zhangzhou Tianchen, Xiamen Sanhe Xingye , Wenling Forest Packaging, Pinghu Jingxing Packaging, etc. are all old customers of Wonder.

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