WDUV200-128A++ Industrial Single Pass Roll to Roll Digital Pre-printing Machine

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A digital printing suitable for base paper pre-printing
Single black and color printing both available
Connecting with correction system
Drying system and roll-to-roll automatic feeding system
More stable operation
Printing quality realize beyond flexo printing
And comparable to offset printing
No plate making, labor saving, variable data

Technical parameters:
Printing width 800mm, reference accuracy 1200dpi, which can be upgraded and customized to 1800dpi, the fastest line speed is 150 m/s, and the daily output can reach 200,000 square meters.

Machine type: Industrial Single Pass Roll to Roll Digital Pre-printing Machine
Machine model: WDUV200-128A++
Printhead type: EPSON I3200 or RICOH Gen5 (customizable)
Number of printhead: 128 (customizable)
Ink type: Water-based pigment ink or UV ink (customizable)
Color mode: Yellow Magenta Cyan Black (Y M C K)
Printing efficiency: 1200*150dpi, the fastest 150m/min
1200*200dpi, the fastest 120m/min
1200*300dpi, the fastest is 84m/min
Material thickness: 0.2-1.0mm
Printing width: 800mm-1500mm (customizable)


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