2021 Wonder New Product Launch Conference and 10th Anniversary Celebration was a complete success


On November 18, the 2021 Wonder new product launch conference and ten-week celebration ended successfully in Shenzhen.

New exploration, see the future.

2021 Wonder New Product Launch Conference


In the past ten years, Wonder has been committed to providing customers with environmentally friendly, energy-saving, efficient and cost-effective digital printing equipment for corrugated boxes. Now, taking "new exploration, see the future" as the subject, re-explore the new technology and new technology of digital printing. Higher precision, faster speed, and the gradual replacement of offset printing are the answers given by Wonder after this exploration. With smarter printing technology and advanced craftsmanship, it responds to market demand and even leads the market trend.

This event was supported by the Paper Products Committee of China Packaging Federation, Reed Exhibitions group, MeiYin Media, Huayin Media and Corruface Platform. Due to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the press conference also passed the Corruface media. And Wonder's official Douyin online live broadcast presents Wonder's latest technology to the market.


At the beginning of the conference, Wonder founder and general manager Zhao Jiang mentioned in his speech that a blockbuster technology released today is another milestone in Wonder’s ten-year development. This device can solve 70% of the current market’s pain points. It is of epoch-making significance. Behind the exploration of this new technology, from project establishment to R&D, production, testing, debugging and success, our R&D team and all Wonder colleagues have made great efforts. Wonder has always adhered to the "technology-based, value-oriented" principle. R & D concept, interpretation of the wonderful world of printing.



The conference was divided into two links: guest interaction and on-site demonstration. Li Qingfan, general manager of Zhongshan Lianfu Printing, and General Manager Xie Zhongjie of Dongguan Honglong Printing, shared their digital printing application experience as customer representatives;

A total of 5 new devices have been released this time, namely:

1. WDMS250-32A++ Multi Pass-Single Pass digital printing all in one machine

2. WDUV200-128A++ industrial-grade Single Pass high-speed digital roll to roll pre-printing machine

3. WD250-16A++ wide-format scanning digital printing machine is a cost-effective zero order and scattered order tool

4. WD200-56A++ SINGLE PASS high-speed digital printing & UV varnish linkage line

5. WD200-48A++ Single Pass ink high-speed digital printing & high-speed slotting linkage line


Among them, WDMS250 combines two different digital printing methods: Multi Pass high-precision scanning and Single Pass high-speed printing. You can choose to use the scanning mode to print large-size, large-area, high-precision, full-color carton orders, or instantly Switch to Single pass high-speed mode to print large quantities of orders to meet a wider range of corrugated digital printing needs, covering more than 70% of customer groups, reducing equipment investment, saving space, labor, maintenance and other costs, and greatly improving production efficiency. Another innovation in digital printing technology!


During the on-site equipment demonstration, the unprecedented black technology of WDMS250 aroused great interest from many customers, and they were full of praise. Deputy General Manager Luo Sanliang mentioned that the WDMS250-32A++ multi-pass and single-pass all-in-one machine is the world’s premiere and is currently the digital printing industry. The only thing is that the release of this model can solve the pain points of 70% of customers, and at the same time solve the problems of slow multi-pass and narrow single-pass format. Since then, high-precision scanning and high-speed printing only need one device.


At the same time, General Manager Zhao Jiang of Wonder told live customers and live online customers during the equipment demonstration that Wonder finally brought Wonder’s ten-year attitude work in 2021 through continuous exploration and innovation. For pain points, we not only have better solutions, but also provide more choices for different customers' production scenarios and printing needs."


New exploration, see the future. Wonder once again handed over wonderful answers to global customers and industry partners. In the wave of digital printing revolution, Wonder has always adhered to its original aspirations, long-term deep cultivation, and value-oriented R&D concepts to guide the development of digital printing technology and drive the enterprise Steady and far-reaching, leading the continuous progress of the industry.


Wonder's ten years, cartons meets wonderfully.

2021 Wonder 10th Anniversary Celebration


Wonder’s tenth anniversary celebration dinner was held in Vienna International Hotel. At the beginning of the party, Wonder’s deputy general manager Luo Sanliang took the lead in giving a speech. As always, we will persist in technology research and development, stick to our original aspirations, and strive for the next ten years.


Subsequently, Zhang Qi, executive deputy director of the Paper Products Packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation, and Gao Yue, manager of the print head sales technology and new application development department of Epson (China) Co., Ltd., delivered speeches respectively as industry leaders and strategic partners. They all affirmed Wonder's ten years. As a result of the development, the digital printing industry needs Wonder's technology-based enterprises to promote the development of China's packaging and printing technology.


At the banquet, Luo Sanliang, the deputy general manager of Wonder, also reviewed the past ten years of Wonder through PPT, and also looked forward to the new ten years.

He said that in the ten years from 2011 to 2021, Wonder has grown from a small company with only 10 employees and a 500-square-meter factory to a large factory with more than 90 employees and a 10,000-square-meter factory; in the ten years, it has obtained 16 national invention patents. , 27 utility model patents, business in more than 80 countries around the world, cumulative sales of 1,359 digital printing equipment.


Wonder’s ten-year development is undoubtedly successful, but behind the success is the bitterness and perseverance of all Wonder people. From the initial development awkwardness to the development process, the difficulties encountered in promotion, the establishment of the principle of sincere development for customers and the "professionalism" , Concentrate, focus on making products, always help customers, grow together, and never have disputes with customers" such a sincere and simple advertising slogan...

Behind all these are the qualities and attitudes of Wonder people.

It is precisely this kind of quality and attitude that the customer repurchase rate has always made Wonder proud. Luo Sanliang pointed out: Supporting Wonder for many years of rapid development mainly stems from the increase of new customers and the repurchase of old customers. Take 2021 as an example. With the widespread acceptance of digital printing, Wonder Digital has also entered a new stage of development. In 2021, the increase of new customers will account for about 60% of the total, and the repurchase rate of old customers will account for 40%. Among them, new customers increased scanning digital printing presses by approximately 60%, Single Pass digital printing presses approximately 40%, old customers repurchasing scanning digital printing presses increased approximately 50%, and Single Pass digital printing presses approximately 50%.

This is the result of Wonder's quality and the inevitable result of word-of-mouth fermentation.


As Luo Sanliang said, Wonder's English name "Wonder", translated into Chinese means "miracle", Wonder's rapid development and such a high repurchase rate is indeed a miracle in the corrugated equipment industry.

Finally, he said that in the next ten years, Wonder will still insist: technology-based, cost-effectiveness as the key link and insist on making the best products, which is the eternal pursuit of Wonder and also the development strategy of Wonder for the next ten years.


We are a group of technical engineers. It is our love for the market and our duty to make the best products. Future-oriented development strategy Today we talked a lot about the achievements of the past ten years. We are indeed very proud, but we are also very aware that the market is ever-changing, and the needs of customers and friends are also changing.

But no matter what changes, we will continue to love our customers, love our industry, and love our equipment.

Post time: Nov-29-2021